Take control of your circular products lifecycles

Circulaid is a connected products platform for the Circular Economy.
It helps sustainable brands to better organise their circular value chain through the use of digital product passports and digital identification technology.

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How it works

Prepare your products for the Circular Economy



Fashion is going Circular with upcoming policies being introduced as early as 2023. Read more on why now is the best time to commit to Circularity.

Product digitalisation, digital product passports and other Circular Economy concepts can be a lot to take in. Check out our explanation.


The first step in lauching products on Circulaid is to identify which product(s) of your brand are suitable.


Create passports

Then, we'll then create digital product passports for the ones that are to be launched.


Connect products

We generate a QR code that connects to the digital product passport, which is then incorporated into a physical label design.



Once attached to your product, it is ready for your customers so they can discover it's story.


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About us

Let your customers discover the origin & impact of their products.

Circulaid's Product Origin feature uses information stored in digital product passports to help you better communicate the origin of your products.

It lets your customers find out what materials went into their product, where and how it was made, what journey it travelled, how it can be used and taken care of & it helps them to get in touch with you at the end of its life stage.

The Product Origin Wheel consists of five steps (as shown in the bottom of the app). Each comes with 3-5 separate story pages that can be used to communicate your product's story.

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Key feature


Sustainability is key, but it is nothing without the right data

Sustainability is a difficult topic to communicate, but it is crucial in getting your customer on board in your circular journey.

To bring trust & clarity, we partnered up with Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES). This way, brands that choose to launch on Circulaid have the opportunity to have their products and sustainability claims audited by GSES.

Once audited, the GSES product scorecard is added to the digital passport, and made visible within the app.

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What we've built is the beginning. What it will become, we'll have to discover together.

We want to become the consumer's one-stop-shop for the Circular Fashion and we're looking for brave frontrunners & pioneering brands to accompany us in our journey.

Whether you're interested in using Circulaid in its current state, or want to find out more about upcoming features such as repair & resale support.

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