The power of the Circular Economy at the tip of your fingers

Introducing Circulaid: our digital wardrobe that lets you discover the origin & impact of your product(s) and helps you to contribute to the Circular Economy.

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Launching partners:

"60% of fashion executives have already invested or plan to invest in Circularity this year"

"2 out of 5 executives plan to adopt product passports in 2022"

Mckinsey & Co. in their report : "The state of Fashion 2022".

About us

Let's build an economy that is open & honest by nature

The Circular Economy offers us the biggest opportunity to transform our societies into sustainable ones, but we have yet to find ways to make it truly work for everyone.

When we look at the fashion industry, we can see that brands are now frequently introducing circular business models in an attempt to answer to their sustainability challenges. But how effective are they, and can they reduce fashion's dependency on their take-make-waste economics?

We believe there is a lot of untapped potential within the Circular Economy and we're building solutions that will unlock it.

Fashion and the Circular Economy

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We believe in improving lives through Circularity

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How it works

A simple & handy toolkit for the circular economy



Discover the origin & impact of your products and learn how you can contribute to a circular society through the Circulaid web app.



The Circular Economy can be a bit overwhelming at first. Check out our FAQ where we've covered its most common topics.

Scan a product's label

Find and scan one of the products equipped by our QR labels*.


Visit its passport

Visit the product passport within the app and add it to your wardrobe for easy access.


Discover its story

Select a passport from your wardrobe to explore its origin & impact.


Contribute to the CE

Get in touch with the brand & learn how to contribute to the Circular Economy (CE).


*We're nearing the end of our test phase with our launching partner Oxious, whereafter more brands will be added to Circulaid.

Key feature


Sustainability is key, but it is nothing without the right data

Unfortunately, sustainability has become a buzzword that is now often criticised when used for greenwashing. To bring trust & clarity to our platform, we partnered up with Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES):

  • Brands who launch their products on Circulaid can choose to have their sustainability claims audited & validated through GSES System.

  • Validated products receive their own product scorecard, which is directly imported from the GSES database into the app.

Curious about GSES and their methodology?

Learn more about the GSES System

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By the community, for the community

We believe technology should empower instead of exploit and that the true circular economy will run on decentralised networks owned by everyone who participates.

That's why we put you, our user, at the center stage of everything we do.
No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, there are many ways through which you can help in testing & the further development of our ecosystem.